Marine Magic day 2016

We had a brilliant day today with a Marine Magic Day Extravaganza!  There were nine different workshops to choose from, each of us were able to attend four throughout the day.  The workshops which were available were: Sea Mammals, Turtles, White Tailed Eagles, Rock Pools, Use of Marine Environment, Protecting Amazing Creatures, Fishing, Puffins and FAME (Future Atlantic Marine Environment).

The kids learned loads about the sea, marine life, wildlife, pollution and how humans affect this.  To see some photos look at the MARINE DAY tags above – there are so many photos that they are divided into morning and afternoon pages.  We were pleased to be joined by Scoraig, Achiltibuie, Lochinver and Stoer Primary Schools.  A huge thank you to all the folk who kindly came to the school to teach us so much about our marine environment.  THANKS!

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