FAIRTRADE Nicaraguan Coffee Grower

We were visited today by Fatima, a coffee grower all the way from Nicaragua.  Fatima explained the importance of Fairtrade to the children, she told them that Fairtrade Cooperative has allowed families to produce coffee in her area , with the money earned, people can afford to pay for health and education services, bringing their standard of living up hugely.  The Fairtrade movement means that families, in particular women, can own their own land (30% of women – a rise from 2% before Fairtrade).  Another benefit is that Fairtrade has eliminated child labour, only workers over the age of 17 are allowed to work.

The coffee produced in Fatima’s village is sold at Highland Wholefoods in Inverness – perhaps our local Deli would also stock it if enough of us asked them to.

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