Certificate Assembly 2016

In school this morning we held our certificate assembly.  There were Discovery Level Certificates given out by Susan Pease on behalf of the John Muir Trust  to P7 for the four activities that they took part in at Little Assynt, Inchnadamph, Ullapool Hill and the Lochside Hill Climb.

Rachel Horsburgh gave out Bikability Certificates to those who had completed the course and passed the assessments in P6.  Thanks to Rachel, Nanette and Andrew for being so generous by volunteering their time to the benefit of our children.

Our Young Leaders received certificates too, after completing a series of activities which they planned themselves and taught to the younger classes.  The Young Leaders were well organised and kept  good discipline in their lessons.   Thanks to Kenny, our Active Schools Coordinator for working with the children.

Finally the Duncan, Lawrence and Donna from the Ambulance and also Chris Di Rollo came to give children from  P4-7 a certificate and Wristband for the First Aid Training that they took part in earlier this term.    Thanks for coming to train the kids, everybody knows a lot more about Call, Push, Rescue (CPR) now!

Primary 7 were also presented with their plates from the pottery and their calculator and P7 yearbook.  You can see the beautifully decorated bags the children designed for these and more photos from the Certificate Assembly here.


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