Dundonnell Salmon Release

Today, after four weeks of looking after our salmon eggs and young alevin, we took a trip to Dundonnell  to release the salmon into their river.  We have learned a lot about the life-cycle of salmon during these four weeks.  We all now understand why salmon have to be released into their own river, it’s been really interesting.  Many thanks to Lorna Brown at Wester Ross Fisheries Trust and Alasdair MacDonald of Dundonnell Estate for including us in this really amazing topic.  Lorna hopes to return in June to show the children the fish that live in our own river here in Ullapool.  The children who were involved in the salmon topic were GP4,5,6 and P6 (from P6/7).  To see pictures of our interesting morning look at EVENTS (Dundonnell Salmon Release).

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