What’s on and Nursery Updates

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To all the mother’s at Ullapool Primary.  We wish you a Happy Mother’s Day and acknowledge that, without your hard work and commitment we would be a poorer school and community. Enjoy the day, you deserve it!

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What’s on

Mon 12th March

Tues 13th March P5/6 Visit Mosjid in Inverness

Wed 14th March   P7 John Muir Award Loch Brack Swimming 10 am GP2/3 and 11 am GP1  Comann nam Pàrant fun and games 5.30-7pm School Hall

Thurs 15th March  Kodaly music with Christie for Nursery  P1 Little Dribblers Football P1&P7 Dentist check Eco-Group meetings Disco P1-3    6-7pm and P4-7     7.15-8.30pm

Fri 16th March   Assembly

Nursery Plans and Photos

To see the plan for English Nursery next week look at NURSERY (English Nursery Plan for week 12th March 18

To see the plan for Gaelic Nursery this week look at NURSERY (Gaelic Nursery Plan for week 12th March 18

For various photos of activities in the nursery click here

For Eireann’s Goodbye click here

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