What’s On and Nursery Plans for week beg 3rd Dec18

What’s On

Monday 3rd December Qi gong Club at lunchtime P4-7, Qi gong GP2/3

Tuesday 4th December Fiddle lessons Comittee Meetings Junior Football TournamenDonna Oral Health Educator in school (P1-3) Little Dribblers Nursery and P1s

Wednesday 5th December Drumming Lessons  Piping Lessons

Thursday 6th December Parent Council meeting 7pm

Friday 7th December 9.30 Gaelic Panto MacPhail Nursery to P7 Assembly Clubs

Nursery Plans and News

To see the plan for English Nursery next week look at NURSERY (English Nursery Plan for week 3rd Dec 18)

To see the plan for Gaelic Nursery next week look at NURSERY (Gaelic Nursery Plan for week 3rd Dec 18)

This week we were so lucky to have 3 of our nursery children win a Tesco tree colouring competition. Glè mhath to Orlagh, Willow and Eubha

Tapadh Leibh

Also a massive thank you again, to our star parent Shane Napier, who built us some outdoor weighing scales for our garden helping us to bring maths outside. Tapadh Leibh


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