What’s On, Nursery Plans and Photos

What’s On

Monday 9th September  PE for GP2-4 and GP1-2 Bikeability for P7 afternoon

Tuesday 10th September Fiddle  and Woodwind lessons  Kakatsitsi Drummers  Chemistry/Science workshops run by Glasgow University

Wednesday 11th September PE P7, GP5-7, P4-6 M P4-6 O

Thursday 12th September  Drumming, YMI for P4-6 classes and GP5-7

Friday 13th September Assembly

Nursery Plans

To see the plan for English Nursery next week look at NURSERY (English Nursery Plan for week 9th Sep 19)

To see the plan for Gaelic Nursery next week look at NURSERY (Gaelic Nursery Plan for weeks beg 9th Sep 19

Gaelic Nursery Updates and Photos

Hùb Hàb: Rannan an Rathaid Mhòir came to school on Tuesday and performed for nursery and P1-3.  We all had great fun learning about Road Safety.


Building a miniature house

Dan (Ella’s dad) came into the Gaelic Nursery and helped us to build a miniature house.  He told us about the importance of following instructions or blue prints as they are called.  We also and learnt about insulation, tool names and problem solving.  We found out how to fit it all together to make our house.  IT WAS AMAZING!  Thank you Dan.

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