Gaelic Nursery



Our Gaelic Nursery is a bright and exciting environment where your child has the opportunity to learn Gaelic through various activities, games and songs. The experienced, Gaelic speaking staff encourage the children to express their interests, which are then used make a plan for the week and make a theme in the Nursery to cover core curriculum areas (Numeracy and Maths, Literacy and Gaelic, Health and Wellbeing, Sciences, Art and Design, Music)

We are very fortunate to have such a stimulating outdoor space in which the children can play on bikes, trikes, cars and scooters on our tarmac area which has road markings painted on it. There are opportunities for children to master their cooking skills using the outdoor Fire pit, which we often use to cook pizzas, bread and toast marshmallows (This is also a great opportunity for the children to practice safety awareness). Our other outdoor spaces are open for children to be able to run, climb, crawl and jump, enabling them to develop their gross motor skills.