School Rules



Treat everyone with respect, consideration, fairness and politeness

  1. Be honest.
  2. Be prepared to share.
  3. Learn to apologise for mistakes and accidents.
  4. Listen to and follow instructions from adults.
  5. No swearing, bullying, punching or kicking.

Make Ullapool Primary School a better place

  1. Take care of the school and keep the your school and playground tidy.
  2. Name and take care of your belongings.
  3. Respect other people’s property and don’t take it without permission.

Take pride in yourself and your appearance

  1. Look after yourself and keep safe.
  2. Always try to do your best.
  3. Look after your belongings and remember to wear school uniform.

Play and behave safely and sensibly at all times

  1. Play considerately with friends.
  2. Always walk sensibly on the left side of corridors.
  3. Play with footballs on the pitch.
  4. Don’t throw stones or sand.
  5. Only climb on the climbing wall.
  6. Don’t “play fight”.
  7. Stay in the playground at playtimes.
  8. Only wear stud earrings in school and no other jewellery.